“For Him” Scented Natural Deodorant 35g

5.50 JOD

Small size of “For Him” scented deodorant, smells lemony and fresh! It is a deodorant for men.

Product weighs 35 grams and shall last for one month of daily use.

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    Misk Natural Deodorant does not prevent sweating, but prevents the bad odor for long hours! Keeps you fresh & beautifully scented!

    Small size is enough for 1 month (weighs 35 grams)

    ”For Him” is a lemony, fresh and long lasting scent made especially for men and young males.


    Small size deodorant packed in a white cloth bag with a wooden stick to ease product application

    Misk Shop’s creamy textured deodorant is easy to use, it comes with a wooden stick for easy application. We recommend a pea sized amount for each armpit.

    Apply once a day or as needed on clean and dry skin. Avoid exposing to water, other products or direct sunlight. Close lid tightly each time.

    Sensitive skin option is recommended for kids below 14 years old or adults with sensitive skin.

    Store in cool and dry place away from direct sunlight. Product is valid for 6 Months from the date of receiving it (it is always freshly made!)

    Small size of deodorant comes in a glass jar with a silver lid. The jar is reusable for other purposes.

    Avoid contact with eyes or sensitive areas. Exclusively made for Armpits.
    Skin Type

    Normal skin, Sensitive Skin